Parasiting doubt within

Doubt is a virus
that arrives quietly
and spreads quickly,
leaving a trail of unease.

It learns your fears,
your insecurities.
It temps like a snake
ready to pounce at once.

You can catch it in the air
or from a friend,
it could even be incubated
just ready to spread.

Little by little it consumes you.
First your mind, then your heart
and you become divided.
A soul infected.

Sometimes only time can cure it all;
others, just a dose of security could help.
Until then, you fight alone,
you and your virus of doubt.

(Thais Finotto Visani — 02/02/2016–11h22 am)

Thais Finotto Visani

Written by

Copywriter, journalist and podcaster | Podcasts: PQPCast and Tribo TDAH |

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