Shhh, keep it to yourself!

Plaster on the fake smile, 
carry on the conversation 
like nothing is amiss, 
like you’re in control.

Act as if the world 
isn’t all wrong, 
as if your world 
isn’t out of place.

After all, anxiety has just to
“calm down a little”
and depression is solved by
a “cheer up some”…

You put on your brave face,
take a deep breath 
and “just keep swimming, 
just keep swimming…”

Laugh at appropriate times.
Nod your head.
Be graceful. 
Be predictable…

Your sadness is your problem, 
No one else’s. 
Don’t dare say a word, 
they won’t understand.

And when the bubble is busting 
and you feel overwhelmed, 
they’ll say it’s your fault. 
You kept to yourself.
Confided in no one.

(Thais Finotto Visani — 30/03/2016–12h41 am)