Uniquely inadequate

Why do I care?
Why do I mind?
I’m tired of being the only one.
I’m just so tired!

I give it all
and receive promises 
of “maybes”, just “maybes”
with time, who knows?!

I fight a lost battle
with myself.
I expect too much
and ask for little.

“Everything has it’s time”
and my clock is broken,
it has always been,
probably will always be.

I can’t fit in.
Can’t tick by other’s clocks,
I don’t know how to
But I try

I try my hardest
To be the one for you
The right one
To be enough

But at the end of the day
I’m just me
Flawed and inadequate
little old me

(Thais Finotto Visani — 29/03/2016–7h46 pm)