Instacart Resorts To Spite
Boycott Instacart

Agree with what Nicholas Goodroad said!

More specifically, Instacart should…

  • Completely do away with tipping. Make it clear that excellent service is included in the price paid and that tips are not accepted. I know this may seem like crazy-talk, but this is actually the norm in most civilized, first-world countries.
  • Ensure that well-performing shoppers make as much or more than they were when tips were encouraged.
  • Provide well-documented and fairly executed paths for raises, perhaps predicated partly upon user surveys.
  • Increase the price of goods and/or institute a mandatory delivery fee as needed to ensure the fairness and stability of shopper compensation + future raises.

Why no tipping? Because “Tipping perpetuates racism, classism, and poverty.” And Instacart shoppers — actually all workers — deserve fair and consistent wages.