“I thought we’re the good guys?”
Anil Dash

Anil, if you replaced “tech” with “American capitalism,” I’d find your essay much more persuasive. Pretty much every issue you’ve highlighted…

  1. Is real
  2. Needs fixing
  3. Doesn’t seem uniquely tech-related IMHO.

Lack of attention to diversity (and the great value it can bring employers, employees, and customers)? That seems to be a problem in many, if not most industries. Finance. Tech. Venture capitalism. Law…

Horrific inequality?

Absolutely outrageous and unacceptable. But those CEOs making hundreds of times the salary of their lowest paid workers? I don’t think all — or even most — of those CEOs are “tech” CEOs.

We need to address this (and the related issues of golden parachutes of tens of millions of dollars for failed executives, rubber-stamping boards, etc.)… but the we being concerned humans and, in particular, concerned Americans.

The problems that face America aren’t inherently caused by greedy bankers or amoral lawyers or tactless “brogrammers.” They’re caused by us — all of us citizens— and our unwillingness to demand integrity and accountability from our elected officials. We need smarter regulations, not just “more regulation.” We need smarter, simpler tax laws, not zillions more lines of tax code that serve only accountants. And above all, we need to make personal sacrifices: less NIMBY’ism, and more “yes we can” when it comes to housing, public transit, and so on.

Corporate shuttles, tax optimizations, insane pay differentials… these are the symptoms, not the causes of what ails us.

And our time and effort would be much better spent identifying and fixing the root problems vs. trying to apply sector-level bandaids.

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