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Back to the future — importing past articles into Medium

When does it make sense to import a story from your blog vs. just cutting and pasting the content into a new Medium post?

I’ve started importing some old entries from my blog at [example] and I’ve noticed a few things in the process:

When importing an article into Medium…

  • The date of the original article is used for the new Medium post. This is shown on the top of the article, and it also determines where the article is listed in one’s Stats page and Medium profile.
  • A notice and link to the original post are automatically appended to the Medium draft.
  • Image annotations don’t seem to get transferred.
  • Basic text formatting and links seem to get imported just fine.

What I don’t know yet (despite reading the Medium post on importing)

  • How, if at all, are imported articles surfaced differently (in various desktop and mobile lists and in Medium emails) than posts written originally on Medium?
  • What affect, if any, does an older “written on” date have on folks’ reading, recommending, and commenting?

So how am I deciding whether to import or paste for now?

  1. If the original article is essentially timeless, then I’ll likely paste it in so the listed date is more recent. And I’ll note (and link to) either my original blog post or at least my blog homepage.
  2. If it’s more of an oldie-but-goodie (particularly focused on older events or circumstances that have since changed), I’ll import.

In both cases, I will continue to wordsmith and, where appropriate, add and update information.

So what is your understanding of importing vs. pasting content in Medium?

And how are *you* deciding on when to import vs. paste?