Adam, first?
Clay Rivers

Delighted by the chat! If there’s one key takeaway for me (and, I think for others), it’s to counter racism with love. It’s too easy to descend into snark and sarcasm and meanspirited zingers; Lord knows I’ve sent off one too many self-righteous and snippy quip in my day :\

Though it doesn’t mean that it’s not okay to be angry. Sometimes it’s not only fully justified but obviously important to be driven in part by anger, as was made very very clear from this sobering post I also read tonight:

You also raised a great point about anti-racism education being highly situational… who you are, who the other person is, what the setting is, and so on. And it’s almost nauseatingly easy (and somewhat uncomfortable, for me — a privileged white guy) to say hey, teach with love, lead with kindness.

But I do sincerely hope and trust that this IS the right answer in many cases.

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