Currently, only a few people can make collections (mostly Medium employees and a tiny number of…
elizabeth tobey

Thanks for this clarification, elizabeth!

It might be helpful to make a succinct table outlining/contrasting the goals and functionality of collections and publications.

I imagine that others will continue to get confused by these two things for a while.

Some rows could include…

  • Platform availability: (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Who can contribute
  • Custom domain supported?
  • Can an article be in more than one?
  • …and so on :)

P.S. — Speaking of tables…

  1. It’d be great to have them in Medium.
  2. And, totally unrelated, strike-thru formatting for text :)
  3. And, somewhat broadly related: what’s the best way to submit minor feature requests that don’t really merit an entire (public) post?
  4. This really wasn’t a good use for a numbered list, was it?
  5. Sorry :D