Love your viewpoints and agree with the workaround of adding a link to show 140+ characters as…
KaMar Galloway

Thanks, KaMar! I appreciate the thoughtful reply.

And you raise a good point re how official support might change the way people use Twitter. Like many, I often appreciate the prevalence of succinct writing on the service; it results in some clever and entertaining posts!

But when I think of Twitter as a platform for discussion I get concerned about two big things:

  1. The discounting of sight-impaired folks, who cannot read image tweets.
  2. What I perceive to be the snackifying and infotaining of serious topics, like the minimum wage, education, and so on. I liken it to a debate where each presenter was limited to speaking in 140 character soundbites. At least on Twitter, what I often find is that the constraints exacerbate incivility, superficial one-upmanship, and so on. Because, really, what can one say about global warming in 140 characters that’s going to be insightful or persuasive?!

I wonder if it’d be possible to have the best of both worlds: a quippy, quirky, quintessentially compact Twitter for fun stuff, and a thoughtful, respectful Twitter for the serious stuff.

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