Start that Shit!

“What is the difference between a senior, mid-level and junior developer ?”, A guy at a code meet up asked. Nadayar Enegesi(Director of learning at Andela), gave an answer, tools, patterns and decisions.

What was obvious from the response was that, whatever the difference is, has nothing to do with how long you have been working with a technology but how your mindset changes. If I was to compress the response to a word, I would say mindset, mindset is the difference.

How do we change our mindsets then ? How do we move from let’s just get this shit done to how easy will it be to add new features? How easy is it to switch from one technology to the other in the future? Simple, expose yourself to new ideas.

So I thought to myself, how do I do this? where would I start?

I have been here before and its a trap, to spend more time in planning than execution, just start, you’ll figure everything out on your way.

My starting point is design patterns, will be documenting my learning on medium, so if you’re a beginner wanting to learn more about design patterns, it would be nice to follow.

Oh and by the way, I have no idea about what I am doing, I just started and f’ed every other reason not to.

See you around.