i.e companies like Dropbox, MemSql, Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Airbnb are supposedly notorious for having among the hardest interviews in the industry.

A while ago I wrote a post on how to access difficulty


And would say the average name brand company or well funded startup is bare minimum a Level 3 on my scale. And the avg of the hardest companies level 4 or greater is the bare to entry.

Just wondering if anyone has made like a fighting game like Tier List https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tier_list

of companies and the difficulty level of interviewing at them. Hopefully with analysis of the methodology. (i.e. Company X is heavy on <insert hard topic> problems)

Here are the things you want to think about now

People often ask me about how to think about planning a software career. So I wrote a thing.

1) Are you a dog shit chaser or a pipe dream chaser? Or somewhere in between?

Neither end of the spectrum is bad you just have to decide which one you are.

For example I have some friends who if you paid them $300,000 a year they would litterally pick up dog shit for the rest of their lives.

Making lots of money, and having a high probability of continuing to in the future is literally all they care about. …

What to expect when interviewing to code at a software company

So I've done a lot of interviewing in my time in the Tech industry and over that time I've learned a lot about interviewing for technical roles at software companies from both sides (as an interviewee and interviewer).

The pattern I've noticed with interviews is that there’s levels to this shit.

Level Overview

Level 0 : Behavioral questions and asking what projects you've done before
Level 1: Mostly Domain specific questions
Level 2: Code a data structure or algorithm or notice to code it from word problem
Level 3: Compose several data structures and algorithms to build a new one with the properties of its parts.


William Harris

I code therefore I am. Check me out: will.vc

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