So you thought being a girl was easy…

Today is Friday, the day of all days, the best of everyday. The day I go to work with a smile on my face because it can only get better from here. Today was that day.

How does a completely great day go from awesome to hell in a span of 10 minutes? I blame it on my gender.

Why, you ask?
Picture this: It is Friday, you leave home with the plans of partying tonight, looking all glam in your new shoes and feeling on the top of the world. In the short commute to your office, it starts with an itch on your feet, making you slightly uncomfortable but you take your idol’s anthem and just “shake it off”. Only after reaching office, when the slight itch really really starts to hurt, you know it’s your worst nightmare come true. You’ve got a SHOE-BITE.

Dreams shatter, hopes dampen, plans ruined, could it get any worse? Now that the carefully planned outfit and the impeccably applied makeup has lost its charm because of the limp you’re walking around with.

It all went from Fri-YAY to Fri-nay :(

So, that is today’s story and no, this is not happening to me for the first time and no, I haven’t learnt my lesson yet. Tell me this, does a guy ever have to think about wearing his new shoes to work? NO, right. But girls do! One pair of heels have the power to make you or break you. I have yet to come across a footwear that didn’t give me mean red blisters on my feet (this does not include slippers, duh!) on the first wear. These pumps were supposed to be my go-to shoes and I don’t think I will be able to live with this heartbreak.

So, you may now tell me to just throw these away and buy new ones. But it doesn’t work that way. Any new shoe I buy, will have the same or worse effect. This is the bermuda triangle, people!! There is NO getting out of here.

To those who say I should have tried the shoes before buying them, I did. Of course, I did! Tried them on, walked around in them, made sure it would be a smooth ride and here I am…

I am also okay with sacrificing one day of partying, no biggie. But a whole weekend. Weekends are a godsend, so not being able to go out is a bloody curse. Also, these weekends are the time I would be clicking my next insta post, so not dressing up is not an option.

Future’s looking bleak.

For those who don’t know, an average shoe-bite takes at least a week to heal. Post this it will still be difficult to wear covered shoes for another week or two. So a shoe-bite in winters is almost 10X worse than one in summers. After all this suffering, your treacherous shoes will hurt you again. And again. Till you finally break into them.

“You should probably stop wearing heels.” — random people.

Umm, guys, this happens with flats too. This happens with, as I mentioned earlier, every single footwear with the exception of bathroom slippers. *sobs*

That’s all from my frustrated and hurt self. When you pray for a better future, please remember to include comfortable shoes for women in it.


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