Big up the Mums and Dads

Big up the Mums and Dads that get up at daft o’clock every day to get ready for work before the kids wake.

The ones that have to walk the dog in the pissing down rain, snow, sleet, and occasional sun.

The ones that have to prepare breakfast and make sure it’s eaten, while finding time for a slice of toast and mouthful of coffee of their own.

The ones that have to watch on to make sure teeth are brushed, properly, and for the recommended length of time.

The ones that iron school uniforms, make packed lunches, and help the kids get dressed because of a Nickelodeon-induced trance that stops them doing it themselves.

The ones that have to wash the dishes and tidy up so that they’re not coming home to an absolute shit tip laced with life-threatening hazards like cars and rogue Lego, even though they only cleaned the house the night before.

The ones that have to comb, gel and plait hair for school photos that they were only told about this morning.

The ones that have to zip up coats and put on scarves, and get everyone from house to car in an orderly manner.

The ones that have to negotiate traffic like a racing driver, get the kids out of the car and safely into school with P.E. kits, packed lunches and trip money in tow.

The ones that have to do all this before 9AM and still get to work on time.

The ones that have to work a full shift, pick up something for tea on the way home and then cook it.

The ones that play with their kids before getting them ready for bed and tucking them in, teeth brushed, homework done and school book read.

The ones that finally sit down at 9PM and fall asleep at 10 past, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Big up the mums and dads. It’s fucking hard work.

This post was originally published (by me) over on LinkedIn Pulse.