CMS Critic to Attend eZ Conference 2016: Beyond The Web

eZ Systems, the open source CMS vendor, is hosting their latest conference — called, eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web — in the centre of Paris on October 5th and 6th. And CMS Critic will be there. The conference promises to bring together experts in digital strategy, marketing, and engineering to exchange ideas on how to deliver remarkable digital experiences. The venue is the lovely Châteauform’ City Le Cnit in Paris, minutes away from L’arc de Triomphe. eZ Conference 2016: Who’s Speaking? The eZ Conference will host more than 20 distinguished speakers, including business and technology leaders, digital transformation specialists, marketers, and software developers. The speakers that make up the two-day agenda include the likes of Paul Boag, an industry leader in user experience and digital strategy; Yann Gourvennec, CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing; Mark Brincat, Chief Technology Officer of The Economist; and Dietmar Schantin, Founder of the

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