CoWatch Review — Not a Very Smart Watch So Were Giving it Away!

So I’m a big fan of IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. I tend to back interesting projects all the time and one such project was something I thought sounded promising, the CoWatch. I recently received and decided to share my experiences with everyone in this CoWatch Review. Here’s the video that, sadly, convinced me to back this device: The CoWatch (not cow watch, although that would have been pretty funny) is a device that is powered by Cronologics OS (some kind of weird Android based OS that should have just been called “dumbed down Android”). The watch comes with a metal strap that is difficult to adjust and feels cheap and rough on the skin. It’s claim to fame is the integration with Alexa (which is spotty and not at all useful in Canada, where I am located). According to the CoWatch website: “When you look at your CoWatch, the intuitive Cronologics Watch-Like UI shows you the information you need to see the most in a traditional but efficient watch-like interface, it even allows quick ac