Guru with a taco

Dan Kent
Dan Kent
Dec 29, 2017 · 1 min read

I know exactly who said it
my buddy Randy
we go way back
our conversations… wow,
we’ve had some doozies.
he’s said some of the most brilliant things I’ve ever heard
and he’s brought out some brilliant things from me
(though I can’t quite recall any of that
right now at this moment)

But one thing he said
(and this has haunted me)
one thing he told me —
and the shame of it is
he says this to me
from a plastic swivel chair
at some ratty old Taco Bell,
not, as you might think,
from a meditation cushion
at the end of some noble path
at the peak of some misty mountain —
but he interrupts me
(as teenagers are prone to do)
as I was going on and on
about all these ideas
that scraped around inside my head
like shiny leaves blowing
between a house and shed —
he says this one thing to me
right when all the noise of planet earth
hushed in coincidental silence
and from that quiet he says to me:

“Dan, you’re looking out too many windows,”
“you have to pick just one.”

I’ve been trying
to take his advice
ever since.

Dan Kent

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Dan Kent

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