I read these poets

Dan Kent
Dan Kent
Oct 13, 2017 · 2 min read

I read these poets,
but don’t connect.

These poets, who light
their nights on fire
with outrageous desire,
liquor, lovers, laughter,
testing all extremes,
feeling every thing to feel—
they don’t mean much to me,
I’m not impressed,
I’m not inspired.
I don’t connect,
I guess I’m even keel—
oh sure, I’ve got a thing
for cookies freshly baked,
I crave my morning coffee,
and’ve even cuddled-up
and gotten kissy
on some exhilarating dates,
but nothing like these
poetic passion-slaves.

I read these poets,
kicking their shambles around,
searching for clues to solve
the puzzles of their hearts,
unlocking mysteries,
trying to find the causes
of their chaoses,
their uproarious nights,
their laborious days,
their radioactive emotions —
turbulent troubles I just don’t get.
Oh sure, I’ve been a moral fool,
but it’s not so mysterious to me.
Sin just feels so very good
(and oh how lazy I can be!).
I give in, then have regret
for whatever damage I’ve done.
But do my best and I repent,
and always get back up again.

I read these poets,
who take themselves
so seriously,
fanatic romantics,
mirror captives,
neglected child,
trouble makers,
fashionably wild,
suicide fakers,
who write their prose
with tears and blood
squeezed from their blue;
humorless dopes who try
to rub their sadness onto you,
and get charged up
if their poems
should make you cry.
I read these masters
of poetic verse,
who romance darkness,
and decorate pages
with all the colors of their woe—
I read them across
a yawning divide —
I’m a fairly happy guy!
All the darkness is out there,
we just have to keep it
from getting inside.

I read these poets,
with their broken lives
that bring them great acclaim,
awards, fellowships, and fame;
I read the bondages they lament,
but feel, myself, mostly free.
I read these poets, but perhaps
they should be reading me.
______ ____ ______

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