my shift at work was cancelled and I went for a walk

Dan Kent
Dan Kent
Nov 17, 2017 · 1 min read

out come the puffy coats
folks look like chubby cherubs
and leaves on the trees
turn outrageous shades —
electric lemon, neon brick —
and squirrels get desperate
and so do I
and so do I
But I’m old enough to know
after the snow warmth will return
and all the anorexic trees
will get obese and green
and butterflies will flutter by
(nature’s levitating bow-ties)
and crowds of crows will loiter
on powerlines like surplus commas
as I keep riding by
passing thru the changes
riding a rhythm of heartbeats
thru God’s award winning creation.
__ __

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Dan Kent

Written by

Dan Kent

I'm so abstract automatic doors at grocery stores don't open for me.

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