Serendipitous Exiles

Dan Kent
Dan Kent
Dec 1, 2017 · 2 min read

the world had gone to shit
warfare starvation violence
little children hustling for a crumb
little girls sold for sex
little boys with heavy guns
entire towns on shaky boats
fleeing bombs leaving homes
entire tribes without schools
who’ll never learn to read
bibles fables poetry
and all our leaders drunk
on possibilites
of war and war

I’m grateful I was born
where I was born:
in the middle
of the North
shrouded by mild
miles of plenty
from every side
and here I am
hiking a journey
born of leisure
through Lake Elmo Reserve
protected from the cold
by layers of special clothes
the grass is frosted
I can see my breath

then there behind a tree
I see a standing deer
a 4-point buck
from there to here
about 10 feet or so
deer hunting season
is in full swing
macho tough guys
shooting out their minds
in silly camouflage
but here in the reserve
hunting’s not allowed
and the buck watches
every move I make
measuring my pace
with a look upon his face
like the look upon my own
grateful yet guilty
for our safe place
in our dangerous world
our lucky little homes
we never even chose
__ __ __
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Dan Kent

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Dan Kent

I'm so abstract automatic doors at grocery stores don't open for me.

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