two faces

Dan Kent
Dan Kent
Dec 14, 2017 · 1 min read

like I’ll be sitting there
eyes fixed at passer-bys
at the mall or wherever
and, well, I just stare
(sorry if this creeps you out)
but what can I say?
people are, sometimes,
just so beautiful to me
different colors of skin
different types of hair
each one a masterpiece
carved from marble
or buffed from soapstone
like they’re meant to be
just how they are
(none of it wrong
even their flaws)
and God is great
and eternity
not too long

but then these other times
(I don’t know why)
something happens in my eye
even pretty folks
look ugly, misshapen,
dull, un-sanctified,
greasy teeth, bulgy eyes,
mouths like fish and lips
smack saliva sounds and
evolution’s cruel and slow
and life is an unsightly show
I close my eyes
I look away.

but age I think
makes one wise
I wait it out
knowing that
given time
it will reverse
and beauty will
return again
and so will youth
and some day
stay for good
and the lies
of ugliness
will finally die
assuming of course
that beauty is
the truth

I'm so abstract automatic doors at grocery stores don't open for me.

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