Bad things are going down all over God’s disintegrating creation. Police shootings, racist politicians, violent oil companies, suffering refugees, melting icecaps, hostile walls, disappearing animals, oppressed minorities—it’s dizzying, and it collapses down on my flame.

Have you noticed, though? The dark tactics of the ‘principalities and powers’ have changed. In…

I’m conflicted. Most scientists are suspicious of any hypothesis about the natural world that even vaguely smells like “intelligent design.” I don’t blame them! Christian thinkers have historically embarrassed themselves with their eagerness to find God everywhere. …

Ask almost any Christian: “How did David defeat Goliath?”

Most will answer something like: “Because he had great faith in God.” This is the most common understanding of the story. Consider this campy cartoon, which suggests that David even refused to use Saul’s weapons because: “my faith is enough.”


Dan Kent

I'm so abstract automatic doors at grocery stores don't open for me.

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