I’m a Second-Generation Starbucks Barista. And I Want a Fair Workweek.
Darrion Sjoquist

Thanks for writing this, and for making me aware of the move to end “cloepening” (and that word, though it sucks there is a word for it now). I used to work a lot of service type jobs and can say that when you call covering your shift a “strange practice” it is anything but. I guess I never really questioned it and to be honest I think it does make sense for non-sickness situations in that environment. Unfortunately it seems every employer has the software now that schedules people in such a lean way they can run a business with one or two fewer employees, which creates just the sort of hellish situation you describe.
More importantly: How far has the American Dream sunk that we have second generation baristas in our cities? This country will pay the price eventually for the creation of a permanent underclass and making advancement so hard for people so clearly on the ball as Mr. Sjoquist.

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