100 Community Creators

Last year I took on writing on a 3x5 card every day. This year for The 100 Day Project, I’m meeting people who are creating communities.

How will I do this?

  • To keep it sustainable, I’m limiting the “interview” part to 5 min.
  • Creators will choose one question to answer in detail.
  • I’ll report these in whatever format emerges (photos, videos, quotes, vignettes, Medium articles, interpretive dance, who knows!). These will be shared on social media with the hashtag #100CommunityCreators on my Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.

What do I mean by “creators” of communities?

Anyone who has taken initiative to plan, organize, publicize, and build a community.

What types of “communities” am I interested in?

Humans are social creatures, and our diversity of backgrounds and ideas makes it particularly interesting to find our people. We can find our people on teams, solving problems, being entertained, finding support, or building things. I want to celebrate that it takes initiative to foster and maintain a community, and that together, people accomplish a lot more than alone.

What’s the “list of questions”?*

  • What inspired you to create this community?
  • How has this community fed you?
  • Tell me about a time you felt like quitting, and how you got back into it.
  • How have you seen the people within your community grow?
  • What has shifted because of this community?
  • When have you seen your community / team win, succeed, achieve the goal, get a standing ovation…?
  • How have you fostered others to lead within this community?

*Note: These may evolve as I learn more about how this project unfolds.

What’s the point?

I want to work on my interviewing skills to tell stories well. I also want to meet passionate, dedicated people who are building for/with others. And of course, I hope people get to find communities and perspectives they find interesting.

I love The 100 Day Project format because it forces me to recognize that what I share won’t always be perfect. I’m featuring other people, so I’ll be trying to do them justice, but I want to get comfortable moving quickly.

How would you get featured?

I’d love to hear about you and your community! Send me a DM on Twitter or Instagram or comment here.

More to come! Thanks for following along.