Should we hang out naked? 

Women according to stock images

I read this article about a partnership between Sheryl Sandberg and Getty Images to improve the status of stock images for professional women. At first I thought the greatest takeaway from reading the article was the Tumblr site of women eating salad. Then I realized this is an actual problem when I needed photos for a women’s networking website.

After searching for months, I couldn't find an accurate representation of women I look up to — all ages, shapes, and colors.

Let’s start with the terms “women, friends”. I found that either these photos are a terrible guess at female friendship, or my friends and I are doing it wrong. When we hang out, we should be laughing upside down on couches in our underwear.

Also there were a lot of women wearing all one color, usually angelic-virgin-white or breast-cancer-pink. Not to take away from the cause, but judging by the ridiculous amount of pink-clad women, perhaps the only time women come together when we’re not having pillow fights is to talk about our boobs.

Finally, I present my new favorite picture. This was a result for search terms “working woman” when I specified a higher age bracket. The lesson here: women cease to exist once they get wrinkles, or they go work in fields picking corn with cartoonish scarf-wrapped heads.

Stock photos are a representation of the real thing, so I have to ask, is this what we look like out there in the real world?

(This was originally published on the aforementioned website