But you can do it.

Life is hard, but you have positive spaces.

You are an introvert. You like to be alone. Remember the times

when you lay under your bed listening to spacey folk music.

What a gift it is to wake up, and get paid to do art with kids

or not…to get paid to eat tanjine, or not.

You have never had this time in your life to re-explore yourself.

to work on your craft. What craft? You will figure it out in time.

Yes this uber social culture may suffocate you at times…

but you have more freedom to explore yourself — write, sing, dream.

Re-establish your future.

They will understand you in time and your eccentricities. They will become so accustomed to it that and when you go from that course then they will become alarmed.

Maybe, you will find that one young girl here who is also an introvert. Feeling like she was born into the wrong super social culture.

Maybe, she will come hide with you in the walls of the classroom drawing with you, listening to spacy folk music, though never sharing conversation. Just enjoying the space of your two silent worlds. She will feel freedom, a space to create. She will not feel the pressure to be loud. To exhaust her energy. She will find her source of energy like you do from…silence.

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