What an absolute madness of a world we live in. To love so deeply that we all become mad. I understand her, and mourn with her.

I found this while researching Dr. Seuss quotes. He cheated on his wife who had cancer, she ended up killing herself. This..is..what it is to be a ..woman.

Helen committed suicide in 1967 with an overdose of barbiturates[9] after a series of illnesses (including cancer) spanning 13 years.[10] She was also despondent over Ted’s affair with Audrey Stone Dimond. Feeling unable to live without him, Helen wrote in her suicide note:

“Dear Ted, What has happened to us? I don’t know. I feel myself in a spiral, going down down down, into a black hole from which there is no escape, no brightness. And loud in my ears from every side I hear, ‘failure, failure, failure…’ I love you so much … I am too old and enmeshed in everything you do and are, that I cannot conceive of life without you … My going will leave quite a rumor but you can say I was overworked and overwrought. Your reputation with your friends and fans will not be harmed … Sometimes think of the fun we had all thru the years …”[11]

Ted later described his reaction to her death: “I didn’t know whether to kill myself, burn the house down, or just go away and get lost.”[11] About Helen’s death, Ted’s niece Peggy commented: “Whatever Helen did, she did it out of absolute love for Ted.”

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