5 Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood.

How many times have you seen a tweet or a Facebook post that says, " X needs O+ blood urgently in Y hospital. Please share/RT, a donor might be on your Timeline" ?

Quite a lot, yeah?

In Nigeria alone, we need about 2 million donations every year to solve this problem.

Have you ever donated blood?

Yes? That's amazing.

Wait.. No?

You should.

Here are 5 reasons why you really should.

1. When you donate blood, you save lives.

One donation can help three people survive. Blood donation is like giving someone the gift of life. Just imagine that, by giving blood, you help to save a woman with ectopic pregnancy, a child with a severe anaemic condition or a young man who's undergoing a very complex surgical procedure. Multiply that by three more donors and you'll realise that not all superheroes wear capes.

2. Donating blood keeps you healthy.

Before you donate blood, you'll get a free checkup. You'll be checked for temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Your haemoglobin level will be checked and your blood will undergo various tests which will allow you stay in the know about your health status.

3. Blood donation reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Whenever you donate blood, your system goes through a process known as Hemodilution, which makes your blood lighter or diluted. This prevents your blood from being too thick and it reduces the risk of too much clogging.

According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, "people who donate blood regularly over the years have an 88% lower risk of a heart attack and a 33% lower risk of any severe cardiovascular event such as stroke. "

4. Blood donation refreshes your blood.

One of the biggest myths surrounding blood donation is that one can lose so much blood and become unhealthy. Well, that's very untrue.

Once you donate blood, your system disposes of old red blood cells and produces new ones within 48 hours, which are more efficient for oxygen transportation. Every red blood cell you give away is fully replenished within 4-8 weeks and you become a lot healthier.

5. When you donate blood, you reduce the risk of having cancer.

Your iron level decreases by at least one-quarter of a gram when you donate blood. It lowers the rate of oxidative stress which reduces the risk of having throat, liver, lung and colon cancer.

This can also prevents a condition known as Hemochromatosis, which is caused by an iron overload.

So, you now know that there are amazing benefits to donating your blood.

You get to be a hero, have a healthy (giving) heart, refreshed blood and stay as healthy as ever.

It's a win-win situation.

Donate at the nearest hospital/blood bank today to save someone.

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