#30: Balloons.

The phone buzzed. “Hello?”

“There’s…a balloon…attached to the roof of my car.”

She smiled. “Well observed.”

“There are four red balloons attached to the roof of my car.” She could hear the cogs in his brain turning.

“Uhh, there should be five, but evidently one of them has floated off to balloon heaven. Or you’ve been the victim of opportunistic theft by one of your young students.”

“So it was you?” He sounded victorious, like he’d solved a big mystery. “How…I mean…how?”

“Of course it was me. Who else do you know that’s going to tie balloons to your car while you’re at work? Apparently that is the only way that I can surprise you anymore. And as for how, well that’s between me, the car and Walter the school janitor.”

He laughed. “Well, I very much appreciate it. Maybe I should buy you and Walter both some flowers…”

“You’re welcome. Happy birthday, Mr. James.”

“Thank you, beautiful. I just have one small question though.” He paused. She knew he was scratching his head, deep in thought. “Can I drive with those up there?”

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