Vin, you could get unfollowed for referring to people as being “on the bottom”.
David Yokelson

If you have read of paid even a smidgen of attention to any of Vin Clancy’s work, then you know one of his big self promotion tactics is to share that his techniques brought him out of welfare. So I’m fairly certain he’s aware of economic stratification.

When he mentions physical attractiveness, he shows he values women so much he unfollows them so as to not acknowledge them merely for their physicality. You know, following the “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” principle.

As for people being the on the bottom, he meant bottom of the barrel. As in, just starting out, trying to get your come-up, people still in the “notice me Senpai” state of entrepreneurship.

And if you’re going to misread an entire article and counter it in the comments, you could at least do the author the justice to quote him correctly. He said “at the bottom” not “on the bottom.”

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