I’ve had a bit of a rocky start to 2020.

My new year (and new decade) has already been filled with lots of reflecting and understanding why I feel the way I do. I’m taking the time to let myself feel, rather than pushing for solutions or remedies. I’m letting myself know it’s okay to feel however I feel.

But, I want to take the time to write about some of the things I’m planning for this year. It helps me to plan. It helps me gain clarity and focus and helps keep me grounded in who I am and who I want to be.

So, this year:

I will spend more time with people who make me smile.

I will be more focussed.

I will write a first draft of a book.

I’ve been brewing the idea about writing a book for a while, and it was before Christmas that idea really crystallised. But, it’s everything that’s happened since that’s really kicked my butt into gear to help put the cogs in motion to get it going and to think about what it’s going to be. So, if you fancy having a conversation about culture hit me up!

2020 is going to be the year I look after myself. It’s going to be the year I become the tortoise in the race and take a step back and think through everything I’ve learnt over the past ten years and what it means.

2020. It’s going to be big.

Lead Service Designer at DigitalBridge | Previously FutureGov | Co-Founder of SheSaysMCR | Rising Star | Young Digital Leader | Top 50 Future Leader | Keynoter|

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