Okay, catching up here. This is technically day five according to the date on my first notebook page, but I only joined Medium yesterday, so I’m not terribly far behind.

This blog is dedicated to documenting the path I will continue to take to leave behind the hospitality industry and become involved in the technology sector. I will achieve this through self study to become a full stack developer and programmer and to hone cutting edge skills in the areas of project management and deployment.

I have spent the last four days preparing a course of action that will last the rest of the year and beyond.

  1. Learning Path Creation Phase ( < one week): Gather resources, Picking a vector.

Programming is the most available possible entry point. Javascript, Ruby, Python and Swift are candidates.

Desired title: Full stack developer

First actions, joined : Github, Medium, Coursera, Free Code Academy,The Odin Project, Code Camp and created a new Twitter and Instagram. United the accounts with the name “ thatgregsmith” to give myself consistent identity in all areas.

2. Remedial Phase (April to May 2017)

Fill in knowledge gaps while laying a groundwork for skills to be acquired.

Identify difficult components and take ownership to make them second nature.

Identify pitfalls from pros and become in tuned to industry tempo by reading twitter

Become in tuned to GitHub and follow code to see changes and begin to see what others are seeing.

3. Tackle JavaScript.

More to come here


Here is my simplified story, I’m a bright guy from a low income background, who overcame disease and struggles, to get out of a dead end town, to get to college on my own, then to survive, then to piece a life together. I have drive and motivation, but have had a very hard time understanding where to apply it. It took me over ten years to find ground to stand on.

But I kept fighting, tried to make something work, latched onto the best chance I had,became a Banquet Captain, learned to be a bartender and challenged myself be the best. But the industry I have been in has never really suited me, I just made it work.

Inevitably, burnout and fatigue started to creep in, and I started to look at where I wanted to be for the next ten or twenty years.

I had a beautiful adventure leading more than 3000 events to successful completion. My days as a bartender will always be close enough that I can reach out and shake a cocktail.

I have always loved technology and in high school I loved programming, but the presentation was poor in my rural high school and by the time I made it to college I felt very behind.

Now I know better.