An (Un)Expected Journey.

I’ve been dealing with depression for the last 3 years. I haven’t programmed habitually for over a year. So, at the time I’m writing this, I am considering myself a beginning programmer.

I’m going to use this blog to not only hold myself publicly accountable to follow through with my self-learning, but also to motivate myself. I tuned in to the CodeNewbie podcast (Ep. 120) and heard a man named Alexander Kallaway talk about this #100daysofcode challenge. I thought having a set number of days and setting a streak to learn coding would help me stay committed to learning more and effectively help me get out of this productivity paralysis.

I have taken a Javascript course on Udemy in the past, but when I tried to get back into it and refresh my memory a few days ago, watching a video would make me slowly tired and lose interest. This is fine, because people learn in different ways. I think I’m going to start on another language and treat myself as a full beginner and build a strong foundation, rather than just picking up where I left off in the Javascript course.

I’m going start with a more ‘hands-on’ approach and begin the Codecademy Python course as an introduction to my learning. Then, I will go on to teach myself further by reading ‘Automate the Boring Stuff’. Those are my short-term goals, and I think that’s very achievable. Of course, my learning resources for Python might change, but at least I have somewhat of a plan set out. I’m planning on using Python for Web Development and Applications.

I’m going to report anything I learn (even the most rudimentary), not only to review the topic I’ve learned, but show that I’m sticking to my goal. I’ll start out with at least an hour a day. If I feel I can push past it, I will and I’ll clock it in on my next post.

I have a nocturnal sleep schedule at the moment, but I’m gonna force myself to stay up until tonight, so I can fix it and increase my productivity. This also isn’t good for my sanity either, ha. Welp, enough talking. I’m off to begin my journey in turning my life around. Off to Codecademy! [Day 1- 6/20/2017, 4:11AM]

~ Aaron