I watched the Revenant last night which I think is just an incredible and important film. It made me think about so many aspects of life as it is and was…

(NO SPOILERS HERE — just musings about life)

It’s set against the backdrop of the frontiersman trading with / (cleansing of) the American Indians.

It made me think about so much.

As I watched I pondered so many questions about man;l and the nature of colonization; OF TAKING THAT WHICH IS NOT YOURS.

I pondered the ‘Original’ criminals. The original rogues and thieves. Those who took everything…. Everything. The original rapists. The original arrogant, cruel, corrupt and thieving lot.

And yet Everyone else were the ‘Savages’.

Then I thought about good people and bad people of various hues and what defined that. What is ok? What is acceptable? What is unacceptable.

And who gets to define those terms? Is someone evil if they try to steal back what you stole from them? Or is it if they do it in a way that doesn’t regard your rules of engagement? For when a savage is strong and stands tall in their skin, they are arrogant — caught up in the past and anger.

It made me angry.

But I lingered longer and thought about current themes and thought gosh, it must also be hard to be part of that race, of people who had plundered so much of the world and left in in such a fragile state. Hurt so many people…

Especially if you now saw the actions of your forebears for what they were. How guilty must one feel? And yet also angry. Cos well you didn’t personally do anything like that. That happened years and years ago. And Yet they would have to be sorry for their entire race.

In a world where more and more of us/the ‘Savages’ are currently standing up to lifetime after lifetime of awfulness against them it must be difficult.

That must make the Originals want people to ‘get over it’.

No wonder why I hear that so often.

“Can we just all get over ‘x’ or ‘y?”

But obviously it’s not that simple.

Sadly though in the history of our kind as a whole we aren’t very good at learning from our yesterdays. Or others’ mistakes. So we repeat the mistakes of our aggressors. Perhaps rightly so. Perhaps not.

Life is survival. I realized all people take things that are not theirs. It is the nature of HAVE NOTS and not one or two particular races. Whether those have nots are us or them. At some point we try for a better life. At some point we push new frontiers and take things. In humanity that is everyone. On a long enough timeline We all have done it. We all will do it.

For WE have everything and yet WE have nothing.

The only possible understanding of truth for me is that our experience is the same. There is no Other. No Savage. No oppressor. On any given Sunday I could be either of those depending on my circumstance.

It crystallized for me that I AM VERWOED and I AM ZUMA and everything in between.

The only way to end cycles of abuse and hatred and literally reprogram our DNA is to remember that we are One. We are all a reflection of each other. We are the children of an exploding star and literally made from the same star stuff. What is without is within.

We now know that the world is inhabited by ‘Others’. And surely that is true of the entire Universe and Multiverse. Can we raise our vibration and see Ourselves in ‘Others’? Or will we continue to Destroy and be Destroyed. By ourselves. By our reflections in another guise.

And the final point this vast movie made me think about is that Above and Beyond all of us and our love, cruelty, fear and joy, is Nature. And she rules indiscriminately.

She always will. And we are but mere dots in her vastness.

We must start to see ourselves in each other; see that we are One. Your pain is my pain. One day I could be you. One day I could be suffering. One day I may need your love. Your support.

We are all Fathers. Daughters. Sons and Mothers.