Breaking into Making

Developing a career, creating a family and aligning a life allows a lot of parts of your life to fade away. Much goes unnoticed; binge drinking on weeknights, hours of ‘Call of Duty’, eating pizza for breakfast. While others, you suddenly realize have left something missing; as I’ve seen, you stop making.

I don’t know when it happened, but I just stopped making. To be honest, I’m not even sure why. I enjoy it, I like the process of creation and I like discovering something new. I just, stopped.

I stopped drawing.
I stopped playing drums.
I stopped creating.
I stopped writing.

This has been an underlying feeling for some time. Known, yet not in my field of ‘current issues’ to deal with. When it became completely apparent was when I found Makey Makey GO on Kickstarter (As of publishing this, they have raised over 12 times what they were asking). They made it easier to just create, and made it apparent that many people aren’t.

When I actually thought about it, my problem wasn’t really that I had stopped or that I didn’t even notice… the problem was that I couldn’t just start again. Creating isn’t a lawn mower that starts back up after a quick prime and pull of the cord. I’ve taken habit conditioning in the complete opposite direction and now need to swim upstream.

Admitting your problem is the first part of the solution. So here I am. My name is Stephen and I’ve stopped creating.

Now there are baby steps to take. Here are a few of my little improvements.

Trying out Medium to get my feet wet
To-do lists are now riddled with doodles in the margins
Up-cycling furniture for new purposes
Writing terrible fiction to entertain my daughter

This post may not have a real action to take or any definitive steps to help anyone become a better creator. While it’s a bit autobiographical, there is just one thing that I hope everyone can take away:

Don’t stop making.

Share what you’ve made, I love seeing new stuff and connecting with new people.