CUNY Codes: First Week

This past week was the first meeting of the ’16-’17 cohort of CUNY Codes. I went into the session expecting to only get general information and preliminary preperation steps. However, we hit the ground running. Everyone pitched ideas they had and soon we were all divided into teams based on the top pitches. It was both terrifying and exciting; we have to build a working prototype of our app within 10 weeks while following the Agile software development method. The development process is intense but the first session outlined how we will be able to manage everything on a team of six programmers. Even though it has only been one week, I already feel as though I have grown as a developer. In a way, the knowledge I have gained from my computer science classes has remained static because I’ve only been applying them to programming assignments from my professors. But CUNY Codes is pushing me to develop my own ideas from start to finish. I can not wait to see where the next few weeks lead.