A review of Deliver Conference 2017

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2017 marks the fourth year that a conference focused on delivery of digital projects has been held in January in the UK. Previously known as DPM:UK, this year’s Deliver Conference saw a change of name and branding, but a successful continuation of a tried and tested formula.

As last year, the event was held over two days in Manchester, with a series of workshops on the first day and a conference with a variety of speakers (but a single track) on day two.

I’ve attended the conference for each of the last three years, both as a speaker and an…

A lot of companies measure email open rates and click-through rates but why is it that very few look at what makes people actively switch off from their communications?

How many times recently (escpecially in the run up to Christmas) have you unsubscribed to emails from a retailer or a brand? If you’re anything like me it’ll be for one of the following reasons:

  1. You couldn’t remember signing up to receive emails from company x in the first place
  2. The last few emails you received from company x didn’t have anything relevant to you in them
  3. Company x emailed you…

In the Agency world, finding good Digital Project Managers isn’t always easy. During my time at Creative Jar (and at previous agencies) I’ve met and interviewed quite a few candidates for Project Management positions. To have a successful Project Management team it relies on having the right kind of people so I’ve often found myself asking the question: ‘what makes a good Digital Project Manager?’

Here are some thoughts about the characteristics I’ve found really come in useful:

1. Ability to prioritise

This speaks for itself to some degree but it is absolutely essential in a high-pressure environment where you may have 10–20 projects…

Want to learn more, get help, or gain a new perspective? Joining your virtual (or local) digital community might just be the answer…

Did you know that there is an online community of digital project managers?

There have been events and conferences for Web Designers and Developers for more than a decade. These include: Reasons.to, Future of Web Design and many others. But it’s only in the last three years or so that a grassroots community has grown up around managing digital projects.

I have to confess that I never thought I’d be as interested in the ‘science’ of project management as much as I am now. For me, PM was always a…

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