Enormousness of womanhood..

Hey fellow filly!

Don’t be a woman born into a man’s world.

You are not meant to condense, collude or control yourself for the pleasures he seeks of you.

You are not meant to wait for the one to come on a horse,

You are ‘the Goddess’ who rides her own horse.

You are not meant to be molded and patterned to fit in,

You are water.

You are not meant to moil or wither or wet pillows at night to wake up with swollen eyes,

You are meant to be basking in your own divinity.

Listen to your organ that pumps blood,

Listen well,

What it says is what you deserve. It will whisper quietly to tell you that you are not fated to live in the cage of your own mind.

You are larger than life. The tip of your toes is not your end, the start of your hair strand is not your beginning. You are farther and wider than that.

What the world says will be an amalgam of prejudice and insecurity.

My girl, let your spirit free, attach feathers to your back, smile even when you are desolated. Love yourself even if it means living alone as long as you wish. And if anyone, no matter who, asks, “Why would you do that?’ tell them “BECAUSE I CAN!”

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