“ISIS May Not Threaten Your National Existence at This Point in Time, But It Does Threaten Mine.”
Hanin Ghaddar

How can you say that Assad is not fighting seriously? Isn’t ISIS also contains some of SYRIA ergo his nation’s territories? Doesn’t ISIS joins the free syrian army to attack his troops?

I don’t understand the logic.

I also don’t understand how you can blatantly say that Quran encourages slavery, capital punishments, etc. Have you ever read the quran? You need to differentiate the cultural background and whether or not Quran actively encourages you to do that.

Bible also mentions fair treatment to slaves, but doesn’t encourage it.

Why? Because the quran derives some of the TORAH law from bible.

How can you say scholars of Quran aren’t effective? When in Indonesia, they are effective? The imams and ulamas in Indonesia emphasize on tolerance and benevolence from their reading of Quran.

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