Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Oooh, I should get back into doing this!

Tonight, I’m getting gas and groceries on the way home ($20 + $100) and then probably eating leftovers.

Tomorrow, I’d like to sleep in (this first week at my new job while still supporting the old job and also adjusting to a longer commute and fighting off a cold has been killer), then spend some time unpacking and making the new house better. At 3 PM we bring our dog to the training place where she will be doing a board & train session for four long, difficult (for us, at least) weeks. I think it will benefit her immensely in dealing with her anxiety around other dogs, but we will miss her a lot despite seeing her once in the middle! Anyway, I anticipate grabbing some dinner while in town ($40) and maybe doing a little work on the old house.

Sunday, I want to go to church ($0), work on the old house for a while, mostly painting (probably will cost some $$ in supplies but that comes out of a different fund), set up carpet installation, and… I don’t know what else. In the evening is the potluck for my chorus but I will probably beg off sick. I’m also going to budget $30 for nonsense.

Total: $190.

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