Putting the relevant slice of the store 100 feet away with Bodega
Paul McDonald

It’s a day later and I’m trying to figure out how this is going to be an improvement to the typical vending machine found just about anywhere in the United States today. I went back and read the Fast Company article and this blog entry here trying to understand what on earth requires a $2.5M investment in this project. The only difference I can find is the requirement of an app which will most likely aggregate and target personal data from the user that made the purchase, which in turn will provide metrics to ad generators, which will then result with more advertising blasted at the consumer. No thank you. I can use Apple Pay, or even my credit card or (gasp) cash at plenty of vending machines that have plenty of things I need when I need them. If there was a need for a vending machine stocked with non-perishable goods in my building lobby it would already be there. Step out into the world, support your corner store and/or local business, interact with another human being. Stop trying to innovate to garner ad revenue and ultimately turn society into a soulless, lifeless, ghoulish shadow of existence.

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