Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

The average American doesn’t have the attention span to read a “Merging Traffic” sign on a freeway unless it has a picture so they’re sure as hell not going to sit through that wicked long introduction to two pages from ancient tax returns that Maddow made us sit through the other night. Talk about much ado about nothing. My god, the only thing missing was Arethra Franklin stirring up another 10 minutes of the National Anthem.

Look, there’s a lot there. The GOP is doing back flips to make sure that we don’t see the evidence that is lingering out there and they’re going to make sure they undo anything that had to do with Obama. Will it kill people? In the mind of the GOP: Who cares? They’re getting rich and sooner or later natural selection will kick in and those that can’t support themselves without some sort of sane health care system will be gone. Problem is, they don’t see that they will rapidly lose votes.

The fact of the matter is this — those that support Trump (who seem to have some sort of majority in the states that need the Affirmative Action of the Electoral College) don’t care about anything intelligent. They won’t discussion. They don’t want compromise. They don’t want negotiation. To think that Sarah Palin and her crew were just a nutty appetizer is still astounding to anyone that has an IQ greater than the speed limit. There’s a heck of a lot of stupid out there that is still mad (not angry) that there was a black man as POTUS for 8 years and they sure as hell weren’t going to let some woman that wears pant suits and might know how to cover her ass with her own email server sit in the big chair. Everyone knows they back up their claims with a book that was written literally eons ago.

I’m digressing. And I’m ranting.

I’m ranting because the Democrats, the left, liberals, whatever you want to call them, are clinging onto this “when we they go low, we go high” stuff (which in reality is the way things should be) and acting like this is still politics as usual. Trump is tweeting out sheer idiocy but here comes Nancy Pelosi tweeting out a response that is pulled straight out of the textbook on how to Tweet with Political Correctness.

They need to stop playing like this is a parlor game of jigsaw puzzles. Call 45 the liar he is, call his cast of minions the racist, white supremacists they are and get down and dirty in the trenches and fire back.

And all these little ploys for ratings (like Rachel’s well timed tweets eeking out detail after detail before her Aretha Franklin National Anthem like reveal)? Stop it. Just stop it. Country before ratings. Any other way makes you just as bad and just as sad.

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