(A.K.A. why I’m writing this and not watching Netflix)

I’m going to start doing short blogs about UX things that bug or excite me that I see . So, you know what really grinds my gears? Software and device updates.

Updates suck. To a consumer updates are sporadic. Sometimes software on your computer or tablet has to update, but sometimes something more physical such as my XBox or TV has to update (yes, it’s software but you get what I mean).

When I boot a device I don’t use often (looking at you, third Chromecast) I’m turning it on for a specific reason — maybe I finally have 20…

Like, ever.

Play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA4iX5D9Z64 and sing along.

I remember when we found bugs, the first time
Saying this is it, this code sucks, ’cause like
We haven’t pushed production in a month
When you said we’d, add a, break


Then you come around again and say
Hey guys, I missed one but I swear we’ll push this change
Trust me
Remember how you said it’ll take a day
I say, “We’ll ship this”, we break it, then stay up, “I hate code.”

Oooooh, we tried to launch again last night
But oooooooh, this time, I’m telling you, telling you

We are…

Matthew Gardner

Co-Founder of @getVideostream. UX, startups, software, products. www.thatmatt.ca

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