What my vegan kids eat. Breakfasts, school lunches, dinner & snacks.

Children’s nutrition is something I know many parents worry about a lot. I can honestly say since my family has become plant based I don’t worry about my girls and what they eat. They are in charge of what they eat. Our table is covered in fresh fruits and they help themselves. They drink smoothies a lot or smoothie bowls (fresh & frozen fruit, dates for sweetener, and non dairy milk) topped with fresh fruit or raw granola I make. We makes lots of fresh juice, orange juice & grapefruit mixed with fresh sugar cane juice it is delicious. The simple rule to remember if you are eating enough calories in a plant-based diet you are getting everything you need. Enough protein, enough vitamins, enough everything & this applies to children as well.

My two girls Paityn who is almost 6 and Penelope who is almost 3 have not been plant-based vegans since birth. Only since August 2016 when we changed our diet. I thought I would be worried about how much and what they eating. After doing some research I stopped worrying. As long as I have lots of what they like, they will eat. No junk filler foods like crackers, goldfish, chips, fruit snacks etc etc. Those aren’t foods that promote health or give our children any sort of nutrients. Cutting those foods out I am so much more confident in my kids nutrition.

Over the last few weeks. I’ve been documenting what my little loves have been eating. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, Paityns school lunch & dinner.

These are some of the things they have been eating over the past few weeks. Penny has really been into her avocado. Paityn has really been into coconut water. I try to add raw food to every meal. It could be fruit or raw veggies maybe even a smoothie. Smoothie is great way to get raw foods. The biggest thing lacking from children’s and even adults diets is raw food. You may get a lot of cooked veggies but raw uncooked veggies is still very important. If you have any questions as to what my kids are eating or what kind of healthy substitutes you can add to your child’s diet then feel free to ask

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