Recently, I rewatched a number of my favorite films from the “Jidaigeki,” or Japanese period drama, genre. One film, 2010’s “13 Assassins,” caught my eye. I wanted to share few thoughts on the film, and its addition to the genre. I cannot recommend this film enough for those who have not seen it.

This post originally published in the December 2015 edition of The Polytechnic Reporter, one of the official newspaper of the second oldest engineering school in the United States.

(or What Perks Can I Get Out Of Liberty?)

In Response to “The Cult of Sore Losers” by Frank Bruni: My thoughts on the themes raised by Frank Bruni’s op-ed published in the April 27, 2016 New York Times Opinions Section.

Sanders’ supporters apparently include a Stormtrooper in a suit. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Reflections on the Value of Studies and Patience

Navin Raj

Press Aide @MTA | Cities. Cleantech. Startups. |

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