5 Podcasts for Listening on Your Holiday Travels

The holidays are upon us. This time of year often brings long travel, unwanted headaches and lack of sleep.

While I can’t help you with the unwanted headaches and lack of sleep, I can help you spice up your holiday commute.

Podcasts are my favorite way to pass the time on long commutes. I’ll admit it, I listen to far too many podcasts, but I know some of you are always on the hunt for something new.

Podcasts aren’t the best for family trips, but hopefully some of these programs are intriguing enough that even your family will enjoy!

In the Dark

In the Dark is one of my new finds. The show follows one of the most notorious child abductions in United States history, the 1987 abduction of Jacob Wetterling. Reporter Madeleine Baran reveals how law enforcement mishandled the case and how those failures fueled national anxiety about stranger danger.

The show takes a drastic turn when Wetterling’s kidnapper comes forward and confesses to the crime.

It also details the work Jacob’s mother has done in the years following his disappearance and how she pushed for the formation of a national sex-offender registry.


I’m sure the first thing you want to think about during the holidays is work, right? Well, YouTuber CGP Grey and professional podcaster Myke Hurley find a way to make work an engaging conversation on Cortex.

For some reason I’ve always found the way people work extremely fascinating and this show takes that fascination to the next level.

CGP Grey and Myke have a unique chemistry that just makes you want to listen.

Esquire Classic

I love long-form journalism and Esquire has been the home of long-form journalism for decades. The Esquire Classic Podcast looks back at some of the most powerful stories in the magazine’s history and dives deep into the backstory with the writer.

How can you go wrong with stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Gay Talese?

Under the Influence

Ever wondered what was behind that popular Super Bowl commercial or why radio ads have that distinct sound? Under the Influence is for you. This show takes a look at the fascinating stories that connect the dots between pop culture, marketing and human nature.

Each show is extremely well researched and host Terry O’Reilly gives a unique perspective on the advertising and marketing industries that can only come from personal experience.

Even if you don’t find advertising or marketing interesting, the background behind these campaigns make for some compelling stories.


Ungeniused is dedicated to covering the weirdest articles found on Wikipedia. And trust me, there are some weird articles on Wikipedia.

This is another show from the great folks over at Relay.FM. They make some amazing stuff. You should check them out.

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