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What if nobody is listening?

Today, it doesn’t take effort to make yourself heard. You don’t need to seek anybody’s help. Just a few clicks and the whole world is your audience. Be it writing, art, design or code. There are a number of platforms at your disposal to help you say what you want.

What makes something well designed

I’ve always asked myself, “What makes something well designed?” Is it the colours, the material, the form, the delightful effects or the simplicity?

Well, here is my definition.

It is the touch of aluminium, that you know, can take a fall. It inculcates trust and confidence. You know something is…

I want that green bar under Medium’s logo

Sometimes I wonder how people maintain personal diaries. Do they also sometimes fight the urge of sharing their writing with someone?

As I write this article, I can’t help but think — what do I write so that I get featured, people can’t help agreeing with me, leaving awesome notes…

Nitesh Kumar

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