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Product Designer @Helpshift . Always learning . lover of food, dogs and people.

If you google the term “designer’s desk”, you will find hundreds of more pictures like the one above. White Ikea-ish furniture with Apple products on top of it, not even a speck to dust, and I feel like we, designers have put ourselves in this mould of what a designer’s life should look like.

I don’t know when design became a lifestyle from a profession. The ideal designer lives in a sun-kissed city, has Starbucks for breakfast, loves her job to bits, has a pet dog or cat, goes for hikes, reads tons of books, is funny on Twitter and…

I recently stumbled upon this show when it’s second season arrived and people started talking about it on twitter. I found that it’s a documentary series that profiles a world-renowned chef every episode — their thought process, struggles, story, motivations and passion for their craft. And of course there’s the beautiful imagery of food you’ve never seen before that makes you drool and your stomach growl.

It’s easy to misconstrue this show for something very pretentious. After all, our general thinking is that why would you want to go to a restaurant, pay $1500, not be able to choose what…

I’m a designer and the design landscape changes everyday. Every other day, they launch a new tool that is supposed to help you design faster. Or, there is a new skill that is mandatory for a designer to know or you’ll be left behind. It’s like a zombie apocalypse. If you don’t adapt, you die. Well, you don’t die but you become outdated. I’m talking about design because that’s what I know but this is true no matter what you do. There is so much to learn out there, all you have to do is become a student again.

Do you love it enough?


What if nobody is listening?

Today, it doesn’t take effort to make yourself heard. You don’t need to seek anybody’s help. Just a few clicks and the whole world is your audience. Be it writing, art, design or code. There are a number of platforms at your disposal to help you say what you want.

But still, many of us choose to remain undiscovered even though we have a lot to say.


Because of the fear of the unknown. Most of the time we don’t have somebody to hold our hand and guide us at every step. …

What makes something well designed

I’ve always asked myself, “What makes something well designed?” Is it the colours, the material, the form, the delightful effects or the simplicity?

Well, here is my definition.

It is the touch of aluminium, that you know, can take a fall. It inculcates trust and confidence. You know something is well designed when you hold it in your hands or use it for the first time. It feels just right — no less, no more.

It does not matter if it’s flat or skeuomorphic as long as it serves the purpose. Good design enables you to do things. It makes…

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Dependency of whom? Users.

Remember the first time you made an account on facebook or twitter? Or bought a new smartphone?

You had to, just had to try all the features it had to offer. It was fun to add friends, follow people, poke strangers and do everything you could possibly do. It was fun while it lasted and it didn’t last long.

After a while, when we are done playing with it, we decide how we want to use a certain product. We start weighing its features and start questioning whether it’s actually useful.

To be very frank, I use products which I’m…

I want that green bar under Medium’s logo

Sometimes I wonder how people maintain personal diaries. Do they also sometimes fight the urge of sharing their writing with someone?

As I write this article, I can’t help but think — what do I write so that I get featured, people can’t help agreeing with me, leaving awesome notes and pressing that recommend button. It would be great if they could just tweet about this article!

I know what you are thinking.

What an attention whore!

I agree. That I am. I want that green bar under Medium’s logo. I’m also sure that I’m not the only one. There…

By tom — an unstrained eye

by doing nothing

Lets say I want to read a book of more than 1000 pages. Everybody is going nuts about it. I make a mental note that I have to read this book but the problem is that I can’t. Why? Because I am too busy.

Really? What am I so busy doing?

When I look, I find myself sitting in my room. Just sitting. Doing nothing.

I realize that what I have done over time is that I have made many such mental notes which are piling up in my head, everyday. Whenever I make a new one, I see that…

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