Your Voice

Nitesh Kumar
Jun 5, 2014 · 2 min read

Today, it doesn’t take effort to make yourself heard. You don’t need to seek anybody’s help. Just a few clicks and the whole world is your audience. Be it writing, art, design or code. There are a number of platforms at your disposal to help you say what you want.

But still, many of us choose to remain undiscovered even though we have a lot to say.


Because of the fear of the unknown. Most of the time we don’t have somebody to hold our hand and guide us at every step. We don’t know how will it be received by the world.

What if I have no fucking clue about what I’m saying? What if what I have to say is bullshit and it just sounds good in my head? What if nobody agrees with what I say or worse, what if nobody even cares? Would it really matter to people? Don’t they already know it?

It’s always good to see people agreeing with you, liking what you said, retweeting it, recommending it. That may fuel your ego but that should not be the only fuel for your desire to be heard.

We want to be heard because we have something to say, we have done something that must be put out there. It’s not something we do for the likes or tweets. We do it because we believe in it. It is beyond fame or career. We do it because it makes us happy and we want to tell a story from our point of view.

It’s okay to feel stupid the first time you write a post, to feel like nobody’s listening, like nobody cares. It’s okay not to be sure, sometimes it’s good. It’s okay to think that you don’t have an audience, that whatever you want to say has already been said a thousand times. It’s okay to be nervous before putting your work out there.

Because you know what? This happens with everyone. Even the greatest of writers wake up in the night questioning their writing. Everyone feels, the first time, that nobody wants to listen to them, but there’s always somebody who does. There’s always somebody who doesn’t know what you do. There’s always somebody who’ll find it interesting, who’ll want to view the world from your lens.

And if you don’t find them in the first go, remember why we do it and keep at it. Just get out there and find your voice.

Originally published on slate.

    Nitesh Kumar

    Written by

    Product Designer @Helpshift . Always learning . lover of food, dogs and people.

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