Salesforce Exam Study Guide

Fairly recently, and by fairly I mean last two Thursdays ago, I wrote and passed the Salesforce Admin 201 exam. Woooooo! It took about two weeks of study and a few hours with a developer org.

Apparently only 40% pass the exam on their first try, which means that lots of folks are likely at a loss for what to read and use in order to pass the exam. Well, perhaps I can help boost that number, what follows are all the resources I used to get my certification on the first try after about 2 weeks of study.

Full Disclosure: I did have a week of training at Salesforce HQ which no doubt helped, but IS NOT necessary as you can get a developer org to get the same level of experience.

Official Sites & Documents

Download and look over the exam guide. This is very useful for completing the exam obviously. Keep in mind you only need 65% to pass which is 39 correct questions out of the 60 you’re given. Granted that’s for the base pass, you should aim for at least 45 correct answers.

Third Party Sites & Blogs

These sites are all great for getting an idea on passing the exam as well as some additional resources. They are third party though so some of the content and links might be outdated… but on the flip side if you spot an error that means you’re learning!

I found Merivis Blog’s exam strategy to be very useful when I took the exam. They do give you some paper and a pencil so before the test starts, so take a few minutes to set up if you aim to do the same thing.

Flash Cards

Pretty straight forward. These are practice questions and general knowledge. Mark any ones you get wrong with a star and then practice those.

Pro Tip: The vast majority of the exam is use case scenarios, so don’t just memorize terms, actually know what they do and how to use them.

Practice Exams

So you’ve gotten some knowledge down and want to test it out, try these practice exams! Again, these are third party resources and are in no ways official. However, they do give you an idea of what exactly you’ll be up against. And because they’re mock exams you’ll feel more comfortable when you take the real exam.

Trailblazer Modules

These are key if you are not fortunate enough to be able to attend the one week course at Salesforce. Again, its not exactly required that you do, but the classroom environment and the instructors really do help a lot. Thankfully Salesforce created Trailblazer which is an online learning platform that helps you get some one-on-one time with Salesforce.

Before you start, you’ll need an account and a Developer Org (its free!). Once that is good to go I recommend you do the following modules, but feel free to mix it up a bit and try others.

Phew… that is a lot of links. Hopefully if you go through all of that you’ll be in a good position to take the test. Ultimately don’t worry too much about it, yes it costs $200 and another $100 for a retake, but its really not that bad. Just practice, practice, practice and you should be more than able to at least get that 65% passing score!

And that’s all folks! Let me know if this guide helped you pass and feel free to recommend any other links to add!

Ĝis poste, Zach