I'm done with you. There's really no choice
You hurt me, abandoned me, and gave me no voice
The man that I loved has died and is gone
Then you took his place and caused me such harm
I was a damn fool, but just for a while 
I had hoped he'd come home and bring back my smile
There's a hole in my heart I thought you had filled
But you didn't and won't; and no one else can, no one else will
Now is my time to get up off the ground
I'll dust myself off, take a good look around
You hurt me so bad, you made me cry
You damaged my soul and ill never know why
I've begun to see clear as my eyes start to open
I'm healing and hoping; I'm cracked but not broken
I'll find love again, but no time soon
It's my time for me, to give myself room
I'm letting you go, I'm learning and growing
My whole life is changing, this soon will be showing
You tried to destroy me but you miserably failed
You've got no hold on me - it lifted and sailed
I honestly thought that you were my life
But that's so not true, I was only your wife
As time passes by my heartache will fade
I don't need your ass; you ripped me, I'm frayed
One day at a time I'll take baby steps forward
My heart will grow stronger, my struggles rewarded
And that hole in my heart I thought was for you
Was always mine to fill, only I never knew
I always have been independent and strong
My road to recovery will be labored and long
But I'll fill that hole like no one has done
No, not even you; you were never the one
I'll pick myself up, I'm growing stronger each day
Don't come around me, you stay far away
And when I get better (I assure you I will)
I will be so much stronger, I'll be standing...still
You taught me a lesson; it was very hard learned
I'm damaged and bleeding; I've been smashed and burned
It's all up to me now, and I'm facing the sun; I don't need you anymore; it's finished, I'm done
-- Angela Rainey (11/8/15)

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