Join the Worldview editor team

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The great selection of trending news you get on Worldview from around the web doesn’t magic itself together. Instead, it’s curated by a talented and passionate team of volunteer editors.

Similarly, the polls embedded amongst the news, designed to test, provoke, and engage, don’t write themselves. They’re crafted by the same people.

Worldview is looking for bold, passionate, curious types to join our growing team of online editors.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone keen to extend themselves, to experience startup culture and play a key part in launching an app that has the real potential to tip the social media and market research industries on their heads, if not change the world. Seriously. That’s the plan.

No special skills are required. While an already healthy appetite for news and current affairs will be an advantage, your passion for our mission counts for more. You’ll get training in using the Worldview content management system and the latest team networking and task management software.

Register your interest by introductory email to Worldview founder Richard Shannon:

Be sure to check out this short post for more on the Worldview mission.

Sharp retro threads optional.